Commercial Real Estate

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Smolak & Vaughan handles all aspects of commercial real estate leasing and represents real estate developers, investors, owners, tenants, subtenants and other users of real property. We employ a detailed, yet practical, risk-based approach, and our experience adds value to the lease negotiation process by viewing each deal in the larger context of the clients objectives and market. We have experience in all types of commercial lease transactions, for properties of all sizes and uses, for short and long terms, including long-term ground leases. We represent clients in all types of occupancy leases including office, retail, restaurant, industrial/warehouse, leases, as well as ground leases.

Our attorneys' legal acumen and creativity not only enables us to work efficiently and effectively with clients to recognize, assess, and quickly respond to real estate challenges and opportunities, but also to close transactions quickly and economically.   To this end, our firm advises clients on a broad range of real estate matters, including:


Term Sheets, Purchase Agreements, and Letters of Intent

Leases, Subleasing, Amendments and Extensions

Development Agreements

Subordination and Estoppel Agreements

Eviction Proceedings

Termination Letters and Agreements